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More beans, Mr. Taggart?

The Black Hole #1-4 & Annual #1
At the time it was the most expensive film Disney ever produced and it was blasted by critics. The Black Hole movie was released in Decmber of 1979 but the Whitman comics here came out in 1980 – so yes, they belong on an 80’s blog. Now (at the risk of unleashing a major spoiler on a 30 year old flick) the crew of the Palomino were sucked into the film’s namesake at the end. Our friends at Whitman decided to show you a little taste of what happened on the other side. Regrettably, there were only two issues that show the “Beyond” aftermath with the promise of more at the end of #4…that still has yet to be published. The Annual is mostly reprints of the series with better scans so I included it anyway for that reason and because there is a nifty little “Making Of” article. The film is a guilty pleasure for me and was chock full-a iconic stars: Mr. Taggart aka Slim Pickens, Norman Bates aka Anthony Perkins, Max Cherry aka Robert Forster and Cornelius aka Roddy McDowell. Disney has plans to remake the film and I don’t think I’ll care for it or the new Tron, but they didn’t ask me so what do I care? Whattaya gon’ do?


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