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By the power of…

DC Comics Presents #47 & Masters Of The Universe #1-3 (DC Comics-1982)

I must have read these comics 500 times when I was 10. First, in DC Comics Presents #47, Skeletor tries to enter Castle Grayskull with his half of the Power Sword and opens a rift between 2 worlds. Superman is pulled from Earth to Eternia and Kal-El teams up with He-Man and discussed who had the coolest hyphenated name. Written by Paul Kupperberg and penciled by legendary Silver-Age Supes artist Curt Swan. Then in Masters Of The Universe #1-3: Skeletor has kidnapped The Goddess of Eternia and forces He-Man and friends to seek out the 3 Talismans that will lead whoever holds them to the other half of the Power Sword. Single-minded Skeletor. This series is also written by Kupperberg with art by George Tuska. Again, if you don’t have it you need Comical to open and read these files.


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