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Bullets on a hot tin roof.

“Wild Horses (Extended Remix)” – Gino Vannelli
You probably know him for his bigger hits like Living Inside Myself and I Just Wanna Stop as opposed to this #55 track from 1987. It did crack the Top 40 on the Adult Contemporary chart though and won Gino and his brother Joe a Juno award for recording engineer of the year. Joe+Gino=Juno. Oh, that was bad. It’s not a remake of a Stones track either. The way he talks about trucks, the wind whistlin’ and spittin’ you’d think it was a country song. Wild Horses was taken from the LP, Big Dreamers Never Sleep. Narcoleptics and readers of my blog don’t have this problem though. 2 updates in as many days? I know. Don’t get used to it. TT:6:11@320 kbs.


2 Responses

  1. I do not know much of Gino Vanilli but this song 'Wild Horses' it is one of those tunes which I have been carrying in my head since I first heard it on the radio! Thank you SO MUCH for uploading this! Muah!

  2. You're welcome, I've always thought it deserved better attention than it ever received too.

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